Working with car and motorcycle manufacturers, dealers and media, ComeTogether has been part of many high-performance events in cities throughout the USA & Canada.


When you need an event that really moves ComeTogether gets your show on the road by assisting your team in selecting a venue that has housing not only for your guests but for your product, keeping your automobiles or motorcycles in mint condition as well as providing unique Transportation to and from sites and accommodations. Rely on our knowledgeable Staff for route development appropriate to vehicle specifications. We also consider the technical and emotional needs that differ from consumer drive experiences and press events.

Plugged In

As car manufacturers reveal forward-thinking vehicles with more options, more horsepower, more energy sources, we reveal our ability to create innovative events that embrace the future of the industry. From cutting-edge Audio-Visual technologies to creative Food & Beverages options, by being plugged into what you need, we create events that ride smooth, steer straight and leave a positive impression of your brand and product with the media.